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A Serendipitous Encounter: United by Support Wavey Davey Sticker

Traveling can often lead to unexpected and unforgettable moments, and my recent trip from Luton to Dublin was no exception. As I settled into my seat on the plane, little did I know that a simple sticker on the back of my phone would be the catalyst for a heartwarming connection with a stranger named Rohan.

The journey began like any other flight—boarding the plane, finding my seat, and exchanging brief smiles with fellow passengers. As I took out my phone to catch up on some reading, a stranger noticed a sticker featuring the words “Support Wavey Davey” proudly displayed on the back

I didn’t think much of it at the time and continued with my reading. However, a short while later, as more passengers boarded, Rohan took the seat next to me. He had an amiable demeanor and a curious smile as he noticed the familiar sticker on my phone.

“Wavey Davey, huh? You know David?” he inquired, his eyes lighting up with excitement.

To my surprise, it turned out that Rohan knew David. He explained that he had been on a night out with the legend in Hitchin and also knew another of David’s close friends. We struck up a conversation on David’s journey and progress so far.

The connection was instant, and we found ourselves engrossed in conversation for the the flight. We laughed at David’s quirky sense of humour and marveled at the way he made everyone feel like family.

It was a beautiful reminder of how random encounters can occur in the strangest of places. The simple sticker on my phone brought Rohan and me together, revealing the power of shared experiences and the common thread of humanity that unites us all.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often forget the magic of serendipity. Meeting Rohan was a gentle nudge from the universe, reminding me to embrace every chance encounter as an opportunity to create meaningful connections and cherish the beauty of the present moment.

As I disembarked from the plane, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this serendipitous encounter. The Support Wavey Davey sticker clearly brings people together.


Just bumped into Rohan on my return flight!

Main image – Johnathan Petersson

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