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Look Geppeto I’m a real life boy!

David’s journey towards recovery continues, and he has recently taken on a new exercise that has proven to be quite challenging. Accompanied by his friend Chris, David jokingly referred to the exercise as either the “paralysed frog” or the “disabled dolphin,” perhaps to add some humour to the intense and difficult workout.

Despite the light-hearted banter, the exercise was no joke. David had to use his arms to punch a ball towards my face, serving as a target. The workout was so intense that the ball eventually hit me in the face. However, having a target to hit and work towards proved to be a valuable tool for David.
For someone who is undergoing physiotherapy, it can be challenging to find the motivation to keep going. Exercises can be repetitive, and it may seem like progress is slow. However, having a goal or target to work towards can help to break up the monotony and provide some motivation.
In David’s case, the ball and Chris acted as his targets. He had something to aim for, and this made the exercise more engaging and fun. Even though it was hard work, he was able to push through and continue because he had a clear goal in mind.
While physiotherapy can be challenging, finding ways to make it more engaging and motivating helped David push through the difficulty.

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