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Davey Dunstable Fundraiser: Limited Edition Black & Gold Hoodies 19 May 2023

SupportWaveyDavey is hosting an exclusive auction of 10 Limited Edition WaveyDavey black and gold hoodies at the Dunstable Fundraiser on Friday, May 19th.

Four large, four medium, and two small sizes will be available to the highest bidders. Secure your tickets for the Fundraiser by contacting Teresa at 07979913937 or Eve at 07766084264.

Join us for an exciting evening where fashion meets philanthropy. The limited edition black and gold hoodies are the epitome of style and exclusivity. By bidding on these unique pieces, you’ll contribute to Davey’s recovery, and what can be better than that!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of these coveted hoodies. Contact Teresa or Eve for tickets and mark your calendar for Friday, May 19th. It’s a chance to make a fashion statement while making a positive impact for Davey!

Images – Ekaterina Bolovtsova 

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Grab your Wavey Davey Hoodie today

Grab a Wavey Davey Hoodie today and help us raise important funds for Wavey Davey’s recovery! Now with new colours to choose from!