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Not all days are great days

As David completes his first week of physio, We are reminded that his journey was never going to be smooth sailing. The physiotherapy we think of is when we hurt our back, arm or leg and we have a few sessions to get us on the move again.  This is entirely different.  The intensity that David experiences is far beyond comprehension.

It’s Thursday, and David hasn’t slept, due to the hustle of being on the ward) and on observation, his muscular spasms are really intense.  His legs and arms are kicking out – not by him, but by the random muscular spasms that he can’t control.  This is draining and David is really struggling today. The cheeky grin is now replaced with a look of sheer exhaustion.

Attaching David to a NMES machine (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) his physio begins the session, attempting to activate David’s triceps to enable him to regain the use of his arms. What follows is a extreme session for David.  He is moved into a seated position to activate his shoulders and attempts to move from side to side, in the hope this will help to strengthen his arms.

Towards the end of his session, David is fitted for another type of wheelchair.  It’s not comfortable for him and he finds it difficult to sit in.  As the team adjust it, his body leans onto the physio, his head bowed and heavy.

We get him returned to the ward and transferred via hoist back to bed.  David’s flushed and can barely keep his eyes open and within seconds he is asleep.


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